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Dox Box: Mouatheqat /Women in Dox Fellowship Program 2020 for aspiring Arab/ African women documentary filmmakers (Germany, Tunisia).

Application for Mouatheqat / Women in Dox is now open, this is a new integrated capacity building fellowship program for aspiring Arab/ African women documentary filmmakers.

Launching its first cycle in 2020, Mouatheqat is a nine month fellowship incubator for female professionals to acquire, get hands-on experience, and exchange the necessary skills to write, research, direct, produce and edit a documentary film. It’s main focus lies in the exploration and experimentation of different forms of storytelling emanating from individual perspectives, reflecting their own voices and experiences. Through an interconnected series of modules implemented online and offline between Berlin and the African/Arab region, the program will guide the fellows through a holistic and collective filmmaking process from idea to delivery of a documentary film. Mouatheqat is designed to connect and cross pollinate intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural imaginaries of women who are keen to transmit their voices to a worldwide audience.

The fellowship is offered to six motivated women from various professional backgrounds: We encourage the application of directors, producers, cinematographers, researchers, editors, sound engineers and other creative professionals who are inspired by collective practice and the desire to tell their stories. The fellowship is open to all levels of professional experiences. Mouatheqat is a tuition-free programme targeting six different countries for each cycle.

The Fellowship Program

Acquiring the know-how to make a documentary from idea to final film is not a simple task. How to proceed at the different stages of the process is key to make the creative vision a reality. During the nine months programme, the six selected fellows will be guided through each step of the process by a series of tailor made traditional, experimental and alternative sessions conducted by internationally recognised practitioners. The fellows will collectively finalise two documentary films translating their acquired skills into hand-on experience on the ground. After completion, the fellows will have the necessary knowledge, experience and network to pass on the craft of documentary filmmaking to peers and their networks at home. 

The fellowship is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Story Incubator in Berlin (January – March)Turning ideas to shootable scripts, this phase charts the filmmaking process until pre-production. 

Phase 2: Implementation in Tunisia (April – June)Adapting scripts, location scouting and shooting with local production partners in Tunisia

Phase 3 Post-Production and Distribution in Berlin (July – September)
Editing and post-production finalisation inclusive of devising a festival strategy for distribution. 

Each of the fellows will attend one international film festival/market during the course of the fellowship facilitated by DOX BOX (subject to the individual festivals COVID-19 regulations online/offline). DOX BOX will encourage the encounters between the fellows and international professionals, including Berlin-based Arab/African filmmakers for possible collaborations both physical and through the DOX BOX online virtual Community.

Forms Of Support

• Accommodation for 6 months in Berlin (Phase 1 and 3)

• Accommodation for 3 months in Tunisia (Phase 2)

• Return ticket from home city to Berlin

• Visa and insurance costs

• Travel costs to Tunisia and to one international film festival/market

• Monthly stipend for living costs and inner city travel

• Production grant for 2 collective documentary film projects


• Open to applicants from the following six countries and their international diasporas: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Mauretania, Sudan, Tunisia.

• Any level of professional documentary filmmaking experience (first timers or experienced filmmakers)

• Open to directors, producers, cinematographers, researchers, editors, sound engineers, line producers, writers, animators or any other aspect of the profession. 

• a passport valid until minimum October 2021

• Knowledge of English OR Arabic language is required to follow the course.

Application Process And Deadlines

Mouatheqat is a tuition-free fellowship programme for aspiring Arab/African women documentary filmmakers. 

Mouatheqat intends to alter the common selection process. Specific story ideas and a well written treatment are not the basis of selection. Successful applicants demonstrate their eagerness to use documentary film as their desired medium for storytelling and their desire for a long term career by acquiring the tools of this trade. Candidates should be dedicated to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process in a collaborative manner. 

The fellows will be selected by an independent Jury. Successful candidates will be invited for video interviews at the end of November. 

Please download and fill out the application form here Mouatheqat Application Form and submit together with the required creative works and documents no later than November 12th. For larger files please send via cloud link. Please note, only complete applications can be considered. 

The application can be sent in the following languages: Arabic, English, French or German

Please download the send application form and send it together with the relevant documents and works to l.kloeckner@dox-box.org with the subject title ‘application Mouatheqat 2020’ .

Deadline: November 12, 2020.

For more information visit Dox Box: Mouatheqat Women in Dox Fellowship Programme 2020.

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