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CECartslinks: Artslink International Fellowships 2020 (Opencall).

Applications are invited for artists, art leaders and curators for Artslink International Fellowships.

ArtsLink International Fellowships offer artists, arts leaders and curators from eligible countries a multi-year program of support beginning with a six-week residency with an established, non-profit arts organization in the US. The program is designed to create opportunities for artists and communities across the US to share artistic practices with artists and arts managers from abroad and engage in dialogue that advances engagement and understanding across cultures. 

The ArtsLink International Fellowships are open to all arts disciplines. Applicants should demonstrate an active commitment to community engagement and dialogue. 

CEC ArtsLink individually curates each Fellowship, hosted by established US non-profit arts organisations across the country, and covers all associated living, working, travel, and health insurance costs. This year, the pandemic necessitated a new flexible model for the residencies with the fellows and host organisations collaborating through online dialogues, virtual networking, and research in preparation for projects that will take place when feasible. CEC ArtsLink remains committed to the residencies in 2021 with the understanding that the uncertainties of the pandemic might require new approaches to supporting fellows and host organisations.


• For the October 30, 2020 deadline, CEC ArtsLink will accept applications from contemporary artists, arts leaders and curators whose work is informed by community engagement processes or social practice.

• Applicants must be citizens of, and usually reside in, an eligible country. If you are living outside the region temporarily, contact ArtsLink staff to determine your eligibility. There are no age limitations. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of English to function independently in the US. 

• Undergraduate students, amateurs and research scholars are not eligible. Arts leaders and curators must be affiliated with an arts organization in the non-commercial sector or work as independent arts professionals. Artists seeking placement in commercial firms are also ineligible. ArtsLink Fellows and Alumni are ineligible. 

Review Criteria

All ArtsLink Fellowship applications will be evaluated by an independent review panel comprised of US-based arts professionals using the following criteria:

• Artistic or professional excellence of the applicant’s work

• Demonstration of an active commitment to community engagement and dialogue

• Potential for the applicant to interact with the host communities in the practice or development of their work

• Benefit to the applicant, at this time in their career, from interaction with US artists, arts institutions, and the US host community

• Applicant’s plans for sharing the benefits of the exchange with artists and institutions in their home country

• Applicant’s ability to meet cross-cultural challenges successfully

Preference will be given to those applicants for whom this will be a first-time opportunity for in-depth research/creative work in the US, and to applicants whose artistic practice involves community engagement or social practice. 

The selection process is extremely competitive and applicants should anticipate a highly rigorous review of their work. Applicants are advised to submit recent quality work samples. Please follow carefully the instructions for submitting work samples below. Applicants should make sure their work is properly labeled and that all work samples are fully and succinctly described. Applications that are missing any of the required materials cannot be considered.

They recognize that each artist’s Fellowship experience may prove to be profoundly different from what they anticipated as an applicant. Successful residencies reflect a balance between expectations of accomplishing specific goals and being open to new processes and opportunities for research and collaboration.

Application Requirements

1. A completed ArtsLink International Fellowship online application form. 

2. Responses to the following prompts:

a. Describe the current issues in your work and explain how a residency in the United States will advance your professional development as an artist or arts leader. (300 words maximum) 

b. Please describe previous projects that have involved community engagement or participation, and explain how you plan to engage with US artists and communities during your residency. (300 words maximum)

c. Please list the most important types of activities or encounters you are hoping to take part in, keeping in mind that your residency may take place in any of the 50 states and territories of the US. (300 words maximum) 

d. What prior experience or contact have you had with the United States? (300 words maximum) 

e. Have you traveled outside your country of residence to pursue research or study? If so, please indicate when and where you have traveled and in what capacity. (300 words maximum) 

g. How will you share your ArtsLink experience with your home community? (300 words maximum)

3. The most recent CV or résumé (only one-page PDF file) that lists your professional accomplishments in reverse chronological order starting from the most recent one. Only one-page documents will be submitted for panel review. 

4. A letter of recommendation (only one-page PDF file) from a colleague or supervisor that explains how a residency in the United States will benefit you professionally and why it is an important endeavor at this time in your career. If written in a language other than English, please include an English translation. This letter can be submitted to mtumenev@cecartslink.org separately from your application, but it must arrive within two weeks of the application deadline. Recommendations emailed directly need to be pre-approved by ArtsLink staff. Letters without signatures will not be accepted

5. If you are applying as an arts leader or curator, submit a one-page PDF file with a description of your organization in English. Include information about staff size and resources. 

Incomplete applications cannont be considered. 

Applicants are advised to submit recent quality work samples. Please follow carefully the instructions for submitted work samples in the application. Applicants should make sure their work is properly labeled and that all work samples are fully and succinctly described. Applications that do not include required materials cannot be considered.


Important Information 
You are required to submit work samples, which are a critical part of your application. Because of the limited time available for the review panel, you are encouraged to prepare a well-organized presentation that presents your work in the best possible way. 

Work samples should be recent (no more than 5 years old), preferably of work that is technically or conceptually relevant to your current work. Work samples in a language other than English must be accompanied by a synopsis or translation. 

You can upload your work samples when you complete the online application form. Please include the following information about each sample: title, date, medium, dimensions/duration, your role and short description (no more than 4 sentences). 

List the work samples in the order in which you would like to have them viewed. For large files, please, use Internet services with capacity for large-sized data, like Dropbox or WeTransfer. You also may submit links to your video or audio files on YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo. If you use Dropbox or WeTransfer to send a large file, please provide an external link accompanied by the file’s description. Samples submitted without proper descriptions cannot be considered. 

Please label your materials with your full name as it appears on your application. 

Up to 10 images in JPEG format. 
– The file name should be in the following format: Number_LastName_Title (e.g. 01_Smith_Untitled 1, 02_Smith_Untitled 2, etc.). 
– Each image file should be no larger than 2 MB. 
– Submit individual image files only – NO PowerPoint, PDF or Keynote presentations please. 

Two different 3-5 minute video/audio samples. 
– Video/audio files should be in MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4 or FLV format for viewing/listening on a PC. 
– Label each digital file as follows: Number_LastName_Title.ext (e.g. 01_Smith_Untitled3.mp4). 
– The maximum file size for uploaded video or audio files is 20MB. (For larger file size, please, use Internet services capable to transfer large files, like Dropbox or WeTransfer. You can also submit link to your video or audio files on YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo. Files submitted vie Internet services must be accompanied by Work Sample Sheet)
– For longer pieces, note the time cues for the segment that best represents the entire work.  

One copy of an entire or excerpted original manuscript in English translation, not to exceed twenty pages for prose or ten pages for poetry. Any pages submitted over the limit will not be reviewed. One sample publication may also be submitted in electronic format but is not mandatory. 
– All pages of the manuscript should be double spaced with standard margins on white paper. 
– Label each page clearly with your name and page number in the upper right-hand corner. 

Please submit digitized examples of published, professional writing or documentation of your work as an arts professional. You may also submit digitalized items of descriptive literature about the organization(s) you represent (pdf documents of catalogues, brochures, press materials, etc.) All work samples should be accompanied by a description of the materials presented and your involvement in their content development, design and/or distribution (i.e. manager of the program, designer or developer of brochure, general organizational information). Work samples in a language other than English should be accompanied by a synopsis or translation. 


Click here to apply

Deadline: October 30, 2020.

For more information visit CEC Artlinks Fellowship

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