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Bozar: Next Generation, Please: Call For Submission From Artists, Young Adults, Thinkers And Journalists (grant up to €5500).

Are you an Artist, school, organisation or youth group? this call is for you! Do you want to
create or develop an artistic project that encourages reflection on the social challenges of contemporary society? With Next Generation, Please!, your project could benefit from unprecedented visibility in a major cultural institution and support for artistic creation up to €5500. We encourage you to apply.

What is the Next Generation, Please?

Next Generation, Please! is an open platform that aims to bring together participants from different backgrounds – artists, young adults aged 16-26, thinkers and politicians – around a single project.

They will meet throughout the academic year, collaborate and share their ideas, aspirations and experience around social issues. In the course of this process, they will work together on their artistic project. This project may take the form of a multidisciplinary artistic event of any kind: installation, performance, sculpture, photography, video, painting, drawing,
audio creation…

The outcome of this process will be the subject of a group exhibition that will take place at BOZAR in the spring of 2021.

This project also offers many other benefits to the young participants:

• access to concerts, performances and exhibitions at BOZAR,
• participation in a wide-ranging debate with other young people, artists and politicians,
• work in close collaboration with the BOZAR team on the staging and installation of the exhibition,
• (optional) participation in a week- long residence,
• participation in the choice of branding for the Next Generation, Please! communication campaign,
• presentation of their exhibition to BOZAR visitors through guided tours,
• and much more…

Who Is The Project Aimed At?

All artists are welcome: directors, illustrators, filmmakers, actors, musicians, visual artists, comedians…

The political figures involved in Next Generation, Please! are representatives at local, national or European level. But experts are also welcome: thinkers, philosophers, journalists… They share their experience of social, local, national, European and international policies and issues.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of themes based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Feel free to use it as a guide for your project:
• Poverty and equal opportunities
• Reducing inequalities
• Health and well-being
• Education and access to education
• Gender equality
• Feminism
• Taboos and stereotypes
• Climate change
• Protection of ecosystems
• Responsible consumption and
• Democracy and participation
• Freedom of expression
• Pluralism and unity in diversity
• Identity and European identity
• Justice and social security
• War
• European history

International Cooperation

We live in a world where challenges are increasingly global. To stimulate cross- border cooperation, BOZAR asks schools and associations to work together with an organisation (school or cultural organisation) from another European country. The resulting exchanges and interactions will have a positive and constructive impact on the process of collective artistic thinking and creation.

In order to encourage this exchange, they propose:

• conversations and sharing of experience via Skype, email correspondence, or sharing experience on a social media platform (e.g. blog, Facebook group, Instagram, etc.),

• exchange of illustrated letters, in which young adults express their ideas and opinions,

• a face-to-face or virtual workshop hosted by the local Belgian project artist, to young adults from the European partner organisation,

• tour of the local Belgian project or the festival projects by young adults from the partner organisation.

Required Elements

• The effective participation of young adults is essential.
• The artist is involved with a group of at least 12 young adults aged 16-26.
• The group addresses a societal theme (whether in a school context or not).
• Collaboration takes place on a regular basis over at least six months and with a minimum of 20 working sessions.
• A politician or expert/thinker joins the group for at least 3 working sessions to share their experience with young adults.
• The European partner organisation makes a real contribution to the project.
• The whole process will result in one or more works to be presented at the exhibition.
• The artist who will work with the young adults already has a solid reputation and experience of
working with youth. He or she guarantees the artistic quality of the final result.


• Organisations that already work with young adults or artists are encouraged to include this project as an extension of their work. This
will be seen as an added value in the selection carried out by BOZAR.
• The project is organised according to the schedule below.
• BOZAR will finance 60% of each project, up to a limit of €5500. Submitting a project that is self-financed or receives other subsidies is an advantage.
• The selection will be made jointly by BOZAR staff and an external jury.

How To Submit A Project?

• Project proposals (including budget) must be submitted via the online form. Please complete form by Tuesday 8 September.

• Attach at least five inspiring images that illustrate your proposal.

• If you have any questions or would like to test an idea before submitting a project proposal, you
can contact the coordinator by phone or request a meeting.

Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, Next Generation, Please! coordinator
Tel. 0476 / 604516


• Launch of call for projects: May 2020.
• Deadline for project submittals: September 8, 2020.
• Selection announcement: Mid-September 2020.
• Kick-off day with organisations and artists: Monday, 5 October 2020.
• Trajectory: October 2020 to May 2021.
• Dialo(o)g(ue) : March 2021.
• Participation in 4 BOZAR events Chosen for their relevance to Next Generation, Please! Between September 2020 and May 2021.
• Exhibition set-up: April 2021.
• Exhibition: April-May 2021.

To find out more about the three previous
editions of Next Generation, Please! Click here
or their Instagram account (@nextgenerationplease).

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