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Photon Foundation: Open Call For Artists In Residence At The 360 ° Gallery #Home Edition (Gross fee of PLN 2,000 )

The Photon Foundation announces an open recruitment for the #home edition artistic residence, during which selected artists will implement audiovisual projects in their homes and studios to be presented on the projection system at the 360 ​​° Gallery in Krakow.

Residence Program

During the 31-day residence within #home edition September 15 – October 18, 2020. three selected artists (or artistic groups) will be working in your home or project studio over copyright audiovisual projection system designed for the Gallery 360 ° in space Herve district had still + 1 center of the Kazimierz district at ul. Beera Meisels 18 in Krakow. The system specifications are below.

The purpose of the residence is to create original audiovisual projects with a length of 360 seconds, dedicated to the 360 ​​° Gallery projection system , which will be sent, displayed, recorded in 360 ° format and publicly presented on the web as the culmination of the residence. Later, when it is possible, ready projects will be presented in the 360 ​​° Gallery with the participation of the audience.

During the residency, the selected artists will have remote contact with the organizational and technical team and co-residents, as well as the possibility of conducting 2 remote attempts to display the song on the projection system in the 360 ​​° Gallery in order to check the level of matching and allow for possible corrections. Each resident will be asked to provide visual materials (photos, screenshots, video fragments) from the progress of work on the project to promote the program on social media. In addition, it will be mandatory to record a short video – statements about the artistic concept and technique used to prepare the audiovisual project (in Polish or English).

Specification Of A Projection System In A 360 ° Gallery

The projection system in the 360 ​​° Gallery is made up of 10 projectors offering the ability to display an image at a resolution of 16910 × 1080 px. 
The full specification can be found here .

What The Program Offers

• gross fee of PLN 2,000 (in the case of an artistic group, the above fee is not increased)

• online substantive, technical, production and promotional support of the project

• during the residence two tests were carried out remotely on the projection system in the 360 ​​° Gallery on the set date 

• technical support for a remote show of the finished project, its registration in 360 ° video format and a public online presentation crowning the residence

The organizer does not cover any additional costs associated with the implementation of the project (e.g. software licenses, costs of purchasing additional software , hardware, disks, memory, etc.).


They invite audiovisual artists or art groups to participate in the recruitment process, who during the residence will develop and create an original, rendered audiovisual project with a length of 360 seconds, designed for the projection system in the 360 ​​° Gallery according to specifications (see above). 
Selected creators are required to provide electronically at the stage of trial testing the file, and then the finished, rendered project in the form of a file, prepared according to the specification and sent to the foundation’s server, so that it can be presented in the 360 ​​° Gallery and registration in the 360 ​​° format.

The artist is solely responsible towards the Photon Foundation and third parties for the unauthorized use of elements covered by third party rights in the design.  The Artist will grant the Photon Foundation a non-exclusive license for an indefinite period from the moment the artist handed over the project to the Photon Foundation, within the scope specified in the contract, so that the project could be presented to the 360 ​​° Gallery in front of the audience at a later time, when it is allowed.

Applications And Selection Process

To submit your candidacy for a residence along with an audiovisual project, you must complete and submit the online form .  

All applications received will be subject to substantive assessment by a team consisting of members of the Photon Foundation and external experts. 
The following criteria will be taken into account in the selection of winning projects:

• artistic values ​​(e.g. originality, ingenuity) of the concept

• consistency and accuracy of preparation of the project concept

• project feasibility on the 360 ​​° gallery projection system 

• portfolio

The organizer of artistic residencies and shows of audiovisual projects is the Photon Foundation based in Krakow. 
Hevre and MyAirBridge are partners of the program. 
The program of AiR artistic residencies and shows of audiovisual projects is co-financed from the municipal resources of the Krakow Municipality.

Deadline for applications:  July 
15 , 2020 
Announcement of selection results by August 30, 2020

For more information visit Photon Foundation

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