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Open Call: Soho House Art Prize for Emerging Artists (£15,000 Production fund)

To highlight the work and talent of emerging artists, Soho House is launching a new, global art initiative with Bombay Sapphire: Soho House Art Prize. 

Open to all, the prize will give one artist the chance to create their own installation at Soho Beach House during Miami Art Basel, in December 2020. 


In addition to bringing their installation idea to life via a £15, 000 production fund, the winner will join their permanent Soho House art collection, one of the largest of its kind, with around 5,800 pieces across eight different countries. We will work with the winning artist to create a print of their wall-based artwork, which will go on to be sold as part of the Soho Editions collection on Soho Home. 

Their art collection, more than 12 years old, aims to spotlight artists in the cities where our Houses are located. It includes pieces by museum-level creators as well as works by emerging artists, such as Tracey Emin, Charming Baker, Dread Scott, Carey Kwok, Florence Peake, Donna Huanca and Admire Kamudzengerere. 

‘they are interested in ideas to make the concept resonate beyond physical spaces. Artists might do this by creating something small or merchandise-like that could go into each hotel room or be given out externally in Miami at the fairs,’ says Soho House Global Head of Collections, Kate Bryan. ‘You may find it useful to consider a previous project by the artist Charming Baker in 2018,’ she adds. ‘Baker installed an oversized toy plane sculpture upside down in the sand next to our beach tent. Inside the House, he installed 50 small drawings of chicks in the corridor, and each hotel room had a goodie bag complete with conceptual “merchandise”: a lighter, condoms and temporary tattoos.’

Each application will be reviewed by an expert panel of judges, which includes Maria Balshaw, Director of Tate London; Hebru Brantley, artist and Bombay Sapphire Creator and Kate Bryan, our Global Head of Collections.

In December the winning artist will travel to Miami to install their project. The installation will then be unveiled during our annual Art Basel lunch at Soho Beach House.

How to enter:

• Between Monday 29 June and Tuesday 28 July, submit a written proposal of 1,000 words or less, accompanied by relevant previous work, sketches and any other supporting documents via the application link below. It’s OK if your idea is still in the concept stage – we want to see your message, point of view and dream for the project, and then we can work with you to help make it happen. 

• Applications close on Tuesday 28 July, and the winning artist, chosen by our judges, will be announced on Monday 10 August.  

• Between August and November, the winning artist will work to produce their installation. 

• In the first week of December, the winning project will be unveiled at the annual Soho House Art Basel lunch.

Apply here for the Soho House Art Prize | Click here to apply

Deadline: July 28.

For more information visit Soho House Art Prize

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