The Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) invites artists from African (continental or diasporic) contextsto apply for fellowships in the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies.

Funded through the Excellence Strategy of Germany’s federal and state governments since
January 1, 2019, the aim of the Cluster is to reconfigure African Studies at both the conceptual and the structural levels. The Cluster is conceived as a transformative space for the systematic study of societal, cultural, economic, political and aesthetic processes in Africa and its
diasporas, enabling new forms of inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation, including artistic
outreach. The Bayreuth Academy was founded in 2012 as a space for engaged scholarship and
debate in the study of Africa and is now part of the Africa Multiple Cluster. The intertwining
of academia and arts has been core to the agenda of the Bayreuth Academy in particular, as well as Bayreuth African Studies in general.

At the University of Bayreuth, Iwalewahaus is the home of a unique collection of modern and
contemporary art from Africa. At the same time, it is a place for the production and presentation of contemporary art. Recent developments in contemporary African continental and diasporic cultures are presented and refined together with artists through various activities: exhibitions, academic research and teaching, curating the artistic collections and providing artist residence programs.

In the academic year 2020-2021, the Bayreuth Academy offers two fellowships in cooperation
with Iwalewahaus. These are designed to enable artists from African continental or diasporic
contexts to pursue projects of significance to the Cluster’s intellectual agenda while immersed
in a vibrant community of researchers coming from more than fifteen academic disciplines, as
well as other artists. Fellows will be in residence for a period ranging from one to six months,
during which they will carry out their research in an efficiently managed environment with
excellent working conditions.

Artists In Residence

The residence and guest program for artists (visual artists, musicians, composers, writers,
novelists, poets, dancers, etc.) is an essential part of the agenda of the Cluster. Academic scholars and artists collaborate in order to jointly develop and pursue activities in research, outreach and knowledge transfer through exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts, and other formats. These activities are designed to enhance the Cluster’s transdisciplinary agenda and create space for interaction and continuous dialogue between researchers and artists, exploring new ways of knowledge production.

General Information On The 2020-2021 Fellowships

Artists-in-Residence are Fellows at the Bayreuth Academy. They join an international group of
junior and senior scholars as well as artists affiliated to the Cluster of Excellence to advance
research and scholarly debates in African Studies. Apart from pursuing their projects and
engaging in informal exchanges with members of the Cluster, Fellow activities include:

• in the Cluster’s research events while in residence; these include regular Thursday afternoon lectures, seminars, and discussion groups;

• offering event platforms (e.g., a reading, performance, concert, exhibition, screening
or the like) based on the art project pursued during the Academy fellowship;

• joining and animating discussion sessions with doctoral candidates and contributing to existing formats such as summer schools.

In addition, Fellows are expected to collaborate with Bayreuth-based scholars, especially by creating synergies with the key concepts of the Cluster (multiplicity, relationality, reflexivity)
and/or the Cluster’s Research Sections. The latter serve as umbrellas for the Cluster’s research
projects and revolve around a specific set of themes.

The six sections are: (a) Moralities, (b) Knowledges, (c) Mobilities, (d) Arts & Aesthetics, (e) Affiliations, and (f) Learning. Fellows also
have the opportunity to team up with others in research groups for joint work on common
research interests and are encouraged to create and curate works of art or to publish results
of their work in one of the Cluster’s outlets.

Eligibility And Types Of Fellowships

• Artists from the continent or the African diasporas are eligible to apply. They may come from any field of the arts.

• The duration of the fellowship may range from one to six months between October 2020 and July 2021; the precise period and dates will be determined based on the preferences of the successful applicants.

• During the fellowship period, residence in Bayreuth is mandatory.

• Fellows will be provided with adequately equipped working space and get access to the excellent library resources at the University of Bayreuth, as well as access to the collections and
archives of Iwalewahaus. In terms of remuneration, fellowships include travel subsidies and a monthly fellowship, a living allowance and a mobility/family allowance (click here for Financial Provisions ).

How To Apply

• Should you be interested in applying, please read the information about the Cluster’s theoretical and thematic agendas available at www.africamultiple.uni-bayreuth.de.

• All proposals should demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to the Cluster’s agenda of reconfiguring African Studies and its core concepts of multiplicity, relationality and reflexivity, convincingly reflecting relevant aspects of gender and diversity, while detailing their intended contributions to one (or possibly more) of the Cluster’s Research Sections. Please also state how aspects of diversity will be interrogated in your artistic project.

The application process is facilitated through an online form that also allows you to upload the required documents.

Click here for Application form

Click here to download application instructions

Deadline: June 30. (23:59 CEST).

For further information and questions, please contact Robert Debusmann, the coordinator of
the Bayreuth Academy: bayreuth.academy@uni-bayreuth.de

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